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Market size and future development trend of China's photocopy paper industry

There are many types of daily office paper, including photocopy paper, pressure sensitive paper, etc. Copy paper is commonly used in work and office, used for printing and copying documents, bidding documents, materials, etc. However, due to many users' lack of understanding of the quality of paper and their belief that as long as the size and specifications are suitable, they can use it. Therefore, there are many brands of copy paper on the market, with varying quality and thickness.


Tips for purchasing office paper

The smoother the paper, the more uniform and complete the contact between the toner cartridge and the paper surface, and the better the color rendering effect. On the contrary, it is easy to cause the ink color of the printed matter to become light and blurred.


Do you know these purchasing strategies for a complete list of common types of office paper?

Paper is commonly used in daily office work, and it is indispensable for copying documents, printing materials, and so on.


What are the types of paper

Classified by purpose, it can be divided into packaging paper, printing paper, office paper, and household paper


Current Situation and Future Development Trends of the Global and Chinese Copy Paper Market from 2022 to 2028

The Chinese photocopy paper industry is an important component of the Chinese paper industry and also an important component of the development of China's cultural industry. With the development of society and technological progress, the Chinese photocopy paper industry has developed rapidly in the past few years, and the market size and consumption level have also been significantly improved, becoming one of the important driving forces for the development of the Chinese paper industry.


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