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Australia Initiates Anti Evasion Investigation into A4 Copy Paper in China

On April 28, 2020, the Australian Anti Dumping Commission issued Announcement No,


The difference between printing paper and copying paper

There are many types of paper, and many people cannot distinguish between two or more types of paper. Take printing paper and photocopy paper for example, many people still foolishly cannot distinguish between them.


What are the classifications of commonly used printing paper and how should they be distinguished?

Printing paper refers to the paper used for printing, and the performance of the paper used varies depending on the printing method. For example, newsprint used for printing newspapers and magazines and letterpress used for printing books have good ink absorption and opacity; Offset paper used for color printing has a high water absorption deformation and expansion rate; The paper used for intaglio printing has fine surface and clear and lifelike lines.


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